November 1, 2021

Centro Cristiano Internacional | 10.24.2021

Hello and welcome to Retornando a la Palabra. Thank you for joining us for today’s podcast. We’d like to encourage you to take out your bible and follow along with us. Today’s episode was recorded October 24, 2021.



We hope you received encouragement from today’s message. We encourage you to discover the nature of God through his word the Bible. If you’d like to download this episode or share with someone you know remember you can do so by subscribing to the podcast which you can find by searching retornando a la palabra or ccichurchsa on your favorite podcast listening device. If you’d like to email us you may reach us at and find more information at Thank you again for spending this time with us and until next time we’d like to leave you with a quote from our founding pastor the late Pastor German Ballesteros, “Cambia tu mundo con Cristo en tu corazón.” May God bless you

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